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Graduate of the University of Warsaw (Romance Philology) and University of Management – Polish Open University and Thames Valley University (MBA, Strategic Human Resources Management). She was dealing with human resources management at different organisations for almost twenty years (Thomson Polkolor, Rhône-Poulenc, Danone, Medicover and Neumann Management Institute). She worked in the following positions: Human Resources Management Director at Medicover, HR and Communication Director at Rhône-Poulenc Polska, HR Manager at Danone; she was in charge of the overall HR policy, with a particular focus on the strategic development of the

management staff. A co-founder of consultancy and training companies Solve Partners and De Integro.

She specialises in the area of potential competence diagnosis, organisational diagnosis (including interpersonal relations). Author of original training programmes within the Academy for Managers – systematic development of managerial competencies (recruitment and selection, appraisal and development, on-going management and feedback, definition and monitoring of goals, difficult conversations, Train the Trainer). Trainer, certified coach (member of the International Coaching Community), FACET 5, Insights Discovery and Thomas method consultant (personality profile analysis), NLP practitioner (member of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

She speaks fluent French and English. Her professional interests include, without limitation, organisational diagnosis, potential competence assessment, strategic HR development, interpersonal relation psychology, executive coaching, life coaching, work-life balance.

Privately: an adult daughter, and two furry kittens:)

:: Tel: 601 773 092 :: e-mail: iwona.nowak@innowa-development.pl


Graduate of the faculty of Social Clinical Psychology at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities (specialization: Human Resources Management and Crisis Psychology and Intervention).

Trainer, HR consultant and coach (executive coach and career coach). Certified by Erickson College (The Art and Science of Coaching) and Corporate Coach U (Coaching Clinic) within the framework of International Coaching Federation.

She has been dealing with consultancy on human resources management at HR Business Partners (as Expert on Personal Development, HR Project Manager) and HR Expert Service (as President of the Company and Partner), specializing in the following areas: individual and group outplacement, potential competence diagnosis, Assessment / Development Centre, talent management, organizational climate survey and recruitment projects, working for clients such as Abbott, Cephalon, EGIS, Eventim, Generali Group Żywiec.

She specializes in executive coaching, career coaching and outplacement, supporting professional and personal development of the managerial and executive staff. She assists in finding the most effective solutions to their business and personal problems.

Member of the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association. Certified and experienced Master Person Analysis and Master Competence Analysis consultant (professional personality profiles). She holds a diploma "Project Management by PMI methodology".

Privately, she likes very much waste time drinking coffee and talking with people. She loves cooking and feasting, which resulted in two cookbooks published for charity.


Psychologist by education and passion, sales specialist and sales manager with many years of experience gained while working at companies such as Agros (he set up and managed an internal sales unit), Kraft Foods (Sales Representative, Area Sales Manager), Office Depot (Sales Department Director), Crowley Data Poland (Sales Department Manager).

He managed sales teams of even several hundred people, he managed the work and developed subordinate employees and managers.

He has worked as a professional trainer and coach since 2006. He has carried out more than 600 trainings for clients from different companies and industries.

His training specialisations include all shades of effective sales, communications and personal effectiveness, management and motivation, train the trainer, customer service, professional presentation and many more.

He is interested, mainly, in his family and sports (rock climbing, swimming), Christianity, wandering about unknown, deserted places, charitable activity, life.

His professional goal and ambition is to be a trainer having met whom people look at their work in a different way and recognize skills they did not know about or they were looking for.      


Experienced manager, trainer and consultant in the areas: personal development, recruitment, work performance management, training management, talent and organisation development management. He has more than ten years of professional experience in team management. He worked as a leader and member of groups implementing human resources management projects at the organisation level.

He gained wide competencies in setting up and implementing training and development programmes for high and medium-level managers. Coach in the field of management and development coaching.

He gained his professional experience, among others, cooperating with or working at companies such as: Nestle Polska (HR manager, trainer coach), TVP S.A. (training department manager, trainer), Macrosoft (HR department director, coach, trainer), Asseco Poland (HR department director, trainer, coach), AXA (trainer, consultant), COMP (trainer, consultant), Post Data (trainer, consultant).

His training specialisations include management training, development training, sales and customer service, as well as team management, specifically sales and customer service, recruitment and selection, individual coaching for managers, management by objectives, development interview, assertiveness, time management, effective conduct of meetings.

He has been working in the training market since 1993, as a trainer, training department head, lecturer, coach, person in charge of implementation of training programmes at organisations. His favourite training style is by reference to the trainees’ experience and building new or developing the existing competencies on this basis.


Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, she believes that people are the key assets of an organisation.

As an internal trainer in a big industrial organisation, she created and implemented a long-term training programme including interpersonal skills, managerial competencies and quality management tools.

She has been working as a consultant and trainer for more than fifteen years. Her field of activity covers training, efficient cooperation in an intercultural environment and information protection.

In her professional activity, she aims at creating long-term partnerships with her clients.

She specialises in creation and implementation of training programmes customised to fit the culture and specific needs of an organisation: team building, professional team development, project management, recruitment interview, performance appraisal, understanding and efficient cooperation in a French-Polish team, information protection for managers, safe business trip - the programme for employees participating in foreign missions, etc.

She feels comfortable working with the people at the beginning of their professional career and with top managers, both in Poland and in France.

She shares her experience through the original Train the Trainer programme, which covers the full training process form need analysis through programme creation and implementation to the evaluation of training results.

Her clients include, among others, Thomson Polkolor, Valeo, Chantelle, Elekrociepłownia Kraków, Veolia, Groupe SEB, SODEBO, AELIA, ESSILOR.

Privately, she experiences cultural differences with her French husband.

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